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Bobby Jones J. Ortiz Hybrid - RH Graphite
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Bobby Jones J. Ortiz Hybrid - RH Graphite

Using the same technology as the fairway metals, Bobby Jones hybrids are designed to replace the hard-to-hit long irons. Rather than designing hybrids that look like irons, Jesse Ortiz' philosophy takes advantage of the fairway metal's low and deep center of gravity, its wide bodied triangle-of-stability (TOS), and its versatile contoured sole.

Instead of using the homogenous shape of most hybrids long, flat leading edge, Jesse Ortiz has created a more traditional shape hybrid. It is a throwback to the old Cleek or Mashee. These clubs were designed for maximum performance, with the ability to get the ball out of every type of lie, whether it be a divot of fairway bunker.

Bobby Jones hybrids are also shorter in length to increase accuracy and truly be long iron replacements not fairway metal alternatives. All clubs feature a deep, translucent Jaguar Racing green color, proprietary JS-6 and JS-7 shafts, and classic, heavy knit head covers.
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